Painful Intercourse

Causes of pain during sex:

– Scars after surgery, giving birth

– Changes of the position of the uterus, bladder, bowel after surgery or childbirth

– Pelvic floor tensions due to sport, giving birth, adhesions in the pelvic cavity due to inflammation (Endometriosis) or surgery

What can be done?

Specially trained physiotherapists and osteopaths can use internal (vaginal) techniques to release tension and thus eliminate the source of pain.

A healthy pelvic floor can contract and relax which enhances our sexual sensation (arousal and orgasm).

Painful intercourse or a lack of sexual arousal/orgasm can be the consequence of a pelvic floor issue. A specially trained therapist can help you to find the cause of a problem. It is usually caused by muscle disbalances or the position of an organ (prolapse).

In general, orgasms are very beneficial for the pelvic floor as they increase greater blood flow and lead to pelvic floor contraction.