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Online assessment

With Nari, we provide AI-powered medically validated online assessment that helps women to continually assess the condition of their pelvic and sexual health.

Specialist consultation

Personal consultations with specialists following Nari protocol. Online assessment is optional and is not required prior to booking an appointment.

Personalised training

At Nari Studios (coming soon) we provide group and individual training to help restore and maintain your health. Live streaming lets you train even when you can't make it to the studio.

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Nari Health Clinic

After applying Nari protocol techniques you will feel immediate relief of symptoms and
will have better control over your pelvic floor

Menstrual complaints and painful sexual intercourse Painful and irregular menstruation, painful intercourse.

Pelvic health Muscle weakness, symptoms of uterine prolapse, bladder weakness, chronic bladder inflammation, vaginal spasms.

Pregnancy-related complaints Infertility, difficulties carrying a pregnancy to term, pelvic and back pain, digestive problems, dilatation weakness, fetal position, complaints after caesarean section.

Anxiety and stress disorders Tension headache, migraine, stress, anxiety, burn-out symptoms.

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